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About VIP Singles

VIP Singles is all about joining singles into successful couples.

Our purpose is to introduce you to the best relationship you've ever experienced.

For 27 years, our relationship experts have been helping thousands of singles find lasting love throughout North America. Over the decades we have been responsible for thousands of successful companionships, marriages, and matches.

Leveraging our industry contacts and experience, we have compiled a competitive list of partners that allow us to cooperate with professionals in most major American cities. We are truly passionate about making a positive impact and we take great pride in countless successful relationships that we've helped create in the last quarter of a century.

VIP Singles is not for everyone. In fact, if you are not interested in a serious and meaningful relationship we will guide you to a more suitable solution where you can meet other singles that prefer less commitment. This way we can ensure our singles can have a better opportunity for true companionship.

In the end, we believe everybody deserves a relationship and we look forward to creating thousands more successes. Why not let us help you make your relationship dream a reality?